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Throughout my years at Holy Name Elementary and Bishop Carroll High School, I always wondered about the possibility of one day becoming a priest.  My family never pressured me, and it was not something I felt I had to do, but I did think about it a lot throughout that time.


In 1998 I left Ebensburg for the college world of UPJ and fell away from my faith.  I thought I had officially put all thoughts of organized religion behind me, Catholicism, let alone the  priesthood .  As a philosophy major at UPJ, I struggled with the existence of God and importance of religion, and thought I was developing a strong grip on “reality.”  By the time I graduated college, I knew I believed in God, but that was about all I knew.  Then God began to work on me through books and articles, and began to move in my life in a whole new way.


I was hired to teach 10th grade religion at Bishop McCort High School in Johnstown.  Here, I grew so much.  Eventually God moved me toward youth ministry at Holy Name, and it was here that I came to know God in a new and more personal way.


One day at Eucharistic adoration, I felt like God was speaking directly to my heart, and I heard him invite me to be a priest.  This was quite surprising, since I thought I had put  these old thoughts behind me.  In fact, I had even told my family and a recent girlfriend that “it isn’t what God wants for me.”  Boy was I wrong!  As I continued to pray and to read, I felt more and more drawn to priesthood.


It was not an easy journey coming to the realization that God’s plan for my life wasn’t the same as mine.  Thankfully I had a supportive family and two wonderful priests in Msgr. Gaus and Fr. Reese who gave me honest and fair advice with no pressure.  I have come to understand God’s specific call at this time is to join the TOR Franciscans in Loretto.  Msgr. Gaus and Fr. Reese have encouragingly said that if I continue to pray, asking to do only God’s Will, I can’t go wrong.  Boy, were they right!  I have greater peace and happiness now than I’ve ever had in my life. 


And so I look forward to being molded ever more perfectly by the Will of God, and to that day when God allows me to enter into his holy priesthood.



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